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Arabic language classes will be held

University Arabic can study, study abroad, learning environment Arabic language classes was held (all times) Towards the Tokyo 00 Olympic Paralympic Games, Saudi Arabia of people the city to greet as the host town, was held the Arabic classroom. Free class (no age limit) divided into a child class (elementary and junior high school students), the course of the order of the day time was held all day. Teacher has lived many years in Japan, Japanese also fluent, I was taught clearly to people to study for the first time in Arabic. The first day eyes will come to public relations chief of the Arab Islamic Institute, was Please carefully teach Arabic unique pronunciation, such as not in Japanese. The day first between the full-time, now India are you from teacher homemade Keema to treat. Fun while I will tell the name of the greeting and cooking at the time of the meal in Arabic, we had delicious. On the last day we were awarded a certificate of completion from a financial director to each student on behalf of the Headmaster of the Arab Islamic Institute. From the Arabic alphabet to simple greetings and conversation, it was further days that I learned about the culture of Saudi Arabia.