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I'm studying Arabic

University Arabic can study, study abroad, learning environment I'm studying Arabic. ! Celebrated the other day birthday, now 0-year-old! Although there is a still immature, with the aim of teacher assistant, such as become the target of the students, so we will continue to devote from now on, thank you in the future! Well, this time I'd like to introduce you to what I have learned anything at Osaka University. The author is now, what is mainly learned is, what ,,, It is Arabic. Now everyone is you should have read the text of this blog from the left, Arabic is read from the reverse, that is, from right to left. Of course, different characters. Not even in alphabetical neither a kana characters, use the Arabic character. Sentence structure is also completely different, even completely different also declension how to change the verb. For example, if it is English, I / my / me you / your / you he / his / him she / her / her This is I think you also knew everyone. Is the declension of pronouns. It would not be the come who desperately memorize at the time of the junior high school students.